12-01-2016: Junkers Infantry models available to preview

The Junkers infantry 3d models are now available to preview in SketchFab. Like one of the other 3 factions better? Check out our news section each day this week!

11-01-2016: Beasts of War review

Age Of Tyrants Painting Tutorial - VASA Red Hammer

Awaken Realms is one of the biggest miniature painting studios worldwide with over a dozen talented painters on board so it gives us great pleasure to introduce their YouTube video tutorial of our VASA Red Hammer tank courstey of our mates at Beasts of War

08-01-2016: Plastic Fantastic review

Age of Tyrants (p)review

And now for something completely different, well maybe not, here’s a stonking review by our man Tamas at Plastic Fantastic in Hungary, don’t worry folks it’s in English too and there are some excellent comparison photos with some other companies vehicles, well worth a visit.

07-01-2016: Blogurizine interview & competition

Thanks to Gregoire and Romain from Blogurizine we have an interview with our very own John Robertson in issue 22 that’s just been released. It’s in French so our Gallic mates are in for a treat!

And while you're at it, you can also join their competition to win an original Wayne England drawing, signed by himself!

06-01-2016: Chaos Bunker review

Age of Tyrants preview

The boys at Chaosbunker have done a review of a few of our miniatures for Age of Tyrants!
The review is in both English and German, so as many of you as possible can enjoy it!
Check it out!