19-05-2016: Final rules available for download

We've been working away in the background on finalising the texts and Jake has done a fine job of editing the great octopus that is the Age of Tyrants rules. Happy to say that we're now making these texts available on the AoT website. These are the documents that are currently with layout, so no further changes will be made to the rules. New scenarios from Jake have been added to the expansions, and colour texts are integrated with the rules in the order you'll see them in the final product. Next update you see on these rules will be the actual book, laid out in all its glory -- Can't wait!

08-05-2016: Command Cards available for download

The command cards, ready for you to print, cutout and play with. Note that we don't have all the final art yet for these.

03-05-2016: Kickstarter competition winners

We're proud to finally announce the winners of the competition we ran during the Kickstarter!

Kris Smith, Andrew Coleman and Lee Sweeney, you all have 3 Age of Tyrants vehicles heading your way! Be sure to get them painted up and let us know how they go!

02-05-2016: Faction dice shipping to factory

The faction dice have been produced and our on their way to the miniature factory!

29-04-2016: Affiliate winners announcement

The winner of our Affiliate program from New Zealand can choose any armour company shipped for free and goes by the name of Falk Kalamorz!

The four runner ups can choose an infantry company and are:
- Nicolas Couchy, France
- Darren Swancott, UK
- Adam Domagalski, unknown
- Timmy, Belgium