12-11-2015: Blog

Age of Tyrants, The Genesis part 1

With this article we open up a new section to our site: The Blog!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…well it just feels like that now looking back to the beginnings of the Age of Tyrants project, which we actually started back in 2009!

10-11-2015: Le Temple De Morikun review

Age of Tyrants: Reception et montage des premiers prototypes de tanks

Well our friend Sam at Mori kun is at it again with another massive review, this time of the actual production test miniatures we sent him. There are some very good pics of the tanks here and although it’s in French the “translate” function works pretty well to give you a good idea of what’s going on. I also have added a considerably number of comments and notes to the article too.

06-11-2015: Miniature review Blog

Age of Tyrants

Age of Tyrant sample casts reviewed on Miniature review Blog. Tom Crandall has taken a few useful shots to show the comparative size of our models which folk may find useful as well as a general overview of the factions.

04-11-2015: Le Temple De Morikun review

Age of Tyrants : Le successeur annonce de Epic 40k?

Here’s an extensive overview article from Le Temple de Morikun on Age of Tyrants, possibly the best overview yet on any discussion we have had with a blog on the game. It’s in French but there’s an option to translate the page into English.