07-12-2015: Le Temple De Morikun review

Age of Tyrants: Paint the Prototype of Tank Junker Finished!

Le Temple du Morikun has done it again, another fabulous stage-by-stage painting article, this time on our Junkers Venator tank. Again the article is in French but the translate button does a good job and there are lots of pretty pictures. Next up will be a VASA Red Hammer.

25-11-2015: Designers Notes - AoT Rulebook

At the time of writing, the rules still aren't finalised, but realistically not much more will change as they go to final, absolute, no more messing about edit in preparation for layout in about six weeks time. It will read a bit more like a postmortem than a dev diary, for the simple reason that I didn't keep a dev diary.

23-11-2015: Designers Notes - AoT Game World

When it came to writing the background material, the troop descriptions, timeline stuff, and colour text I had a good head start. The Draconis Alba galaxy has been in development since the late 1990's, and I was involved back then in its original incarnation as Void.

16-11-2015: Le Temple De Morikun review

Age of Tyrants: Peinture du prototype du tank "Dire Wolf" termine

Another excellent article by Le Temple de Morikun. This time it’s a comprehensive stage-by-stage painting tutorial for the Viridian Dire Wolf APC and it’s not green!

13-11-2015: L'Etabli W94 review

Age of Tyrants: KickStarter en approche

L'Etabli W94, another French review of Age of Tyrants, many thanks to our friend Lucien Barthelemy for putting this together. Needless to say we are very pleased to say that our game will be in French also in time for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, vive la France!