05-01-2016: Final date/time set for Kickstarter launch

21st of January 2016 - 6pm GMT

After careful deliberations, we've decided to move the launch date by one week as it gives us a more favourable timing. This is final though, no going back now! ;)

04-01-2016: 6mm Wargames review

Age of Tyrants - first view

Our mate Adam from Poland has written a review focusing on the game mechanics for Age of Tyrants, well worth a visit to see, it’s clear and succinct and it’s in English so no excuses folks!

01-01-2016: Le Temple De Morikun VASA Red Hammer review

Age of Tyrants: Reception et montage du troisieme prototype de tank (VASA)... Le bilan est excellent

Morikun is back, this time with a review to the VASA Red Hammer, worth our French chums taking gander over there, good pics.

30-12-2015: Bell of Lost Souls review

Age of Tyrants Pt. I

This is the first part in a series of articles by Falk from Tabletopfix for Bell of Lost Souls, an excellent and in depth analysis of the game, a must for folks looking seriously at this project.

28-12-2015: Tom Crandall at Miniature review

Age of Tyrants - VASA Red Hammer

Tom Crandall at Miniature review has done a little teaser for the VASA Red Hammer, more from him soon.