13-02-2016: MasterDwalin review

"I supported the KS campaign with a two player starter set size pledge, and I can tell, I can’t wait to try out this game!"

09-02-2016: Wayne England passed away...

Wayne England, a valued contributor to our project and good friend to our John, has unexpectedly passed away today...

The gaming community has lost a great artist. We urge you to pay your respects on his Facebook page.

08-02-2016: Size Comparison gallery

By popular demand we have prepared a gallery to show the relative size of our models in comparison to other wargaming figures available on the market.

05-02-2016: Two Gameplay example videos released

Finally we have two Gameplay example videos ready for you to check out. We have one describing how orders are issued and one with an example of an attack.

03-02-2016: Malifools Podcast

Our rules-man, Mark Brendan, has appeared on the Malifools Podcast. Get your hobby on, whilst listening to the wise man himself talk about AGE OF TYRANTS!