08-03-2016: Extension rules available

Download the draft rules for CLAUs, Heroes, Flyers and Recon Teams now.

06-03-2016: Bell of Lost Souls review

Age of Tyrants - Miniatures Review

In the heat of the Kickstarter, we apparently forgot to post this review. Still a nice read though, so go ahead and check it out!

28-02-2016: Sketchfab Flyers added

Want to take a closer look at those flyers? Now you can as they've been added to our Sketchfab gallery under the vehicles.

18-02-2016: It's official! We're funded!

Thank you all for your support and faith in what we're trying to accomplish! The real work of getting these babies out to all of you can now commence! Well, after we wake up from our comatose sleep in a day or two... ;)

14-02-2016: Gameplay Bombard example video released

Like pulverising your opponent from a safe distance? This is how you do it.