03-06-2015: VASA artwork available to preview

And here is our second set of artwork available to preview: VASA artwork. More glorious concept work from Wayne, we've gone for an H shaped chassis for these designs, tracked for the tanks and wheeled for the APCs and Artillery, I particularly like the Ikon tank with its sharp angles and lines and its beefy twin-barreled main gun.


02-06-2015: Junkers models available to preview

Junkers vehicles now available to preview in SketchFab. This is an excellent viewing tool as you can rotate the model to see it from all angles, in fact you can go inside the model! Sadly we have no interior details though. I love the 'dozer fronts to the tanks, ideal for scooping up mangled androsynths!

01-06-2015: Junkers artwork available to preview

As promised, here is our first addition to the site: Junkers artwork. Junkers artillery is formidable looking and highly effective in the game, checkout the Draco and Onager, these are my favourite Junker concepts, Wayne England at very best. I hope you like them. Mind you the tanks and personnel carriers are none too shabby either! All now available for you to peruse in our Galleries section. More updates to follow shortly.

31-05-2015: Age of Tyrants website launched!

Well folks it’s been a long road, with lots of stops and starts along the way, but it gives me enormous pleasure to announce that the Age of Tyrants website is now live.

Over the coming weeks we will expand the menus available as well as adding lots of content in the run up to announcing the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. In this offering we’ve got details on the World of Age of Tyrants as well as introducing the Age of Tyrants Team with their preponderance of facial hair! Additionally our newsletter sign up is running and our Forums are now open, it would be great if you folks would sign up and introduce yourself, we’d very much like to meet you.

Thank you very much for your time, we’ll be back shortly with more updates.

Best wishes,

The AoT Team