The Age of Tyrants (2789)

The Strike on Kalakan in 2789, just thirty years ago, marks the beginning of the Age of Tyrants and many more independence wars between colonies and the Homeworld powers have since been fought. Though the tail end of the Age of Exploration continues to play out even now, with Rimworlds being established at the furthest reaches of the galaxy, the defining feature of this era is one of conflict and tyranny.

The Treaty of Vacillus itself is under threat as the Homeworld powers blatantly support military coups and prop up puppet revolutionary governments in each others rebel colonies. The following reports detail five incidents over a thirty year period, beginning with the Strike on Kalakan. Each has served in its own way to undermine the Treaty and seriously destabilise the peace throughout the galaxy, leading to further splintering of colonies and the epidemic of brushfire wars currently sweeping Draconis Alba.