The Wars of Secession (2494-2582)

The First War of Secession (2494-2498) occurred when the small scientific community of Prime, chafing under Viridian regulations, declared their independence from the homeworld and, in a brilliant series of defensive battles, successfully upheld their claim. The primitive and unspecialised ships of the era and the extreme distances involved, the breakthrough AI technologies employed by the Prime scientists, and VASA’s increasingly uncooperative stance toward Viridian centrism all compounded to frustrate Viridia’s attempts to hold her most distant colony.

Inspired by Prime’s success the volatile penal colony of Ironglass was next to declare independence in a violent series of rebellions that sparked the Second War of Secession (2558-2580), a far bloodier conflict than its predecessor which saw fighting across the homeworld system and in the fragile newly established colonial holdings of neighbouring systems. The peace dictated by a fully independent VASA at the close of this war established the Tripartite Confederacy, an alliance of Viridia, Ironglass, and Prime overseen by an erstwhile neutral VASA that clearly delineated the balance of power among the factions.