The Early Space Age (2272-2600)

The era that saw mankind’s triumphant return to space really began with the founding of VASA in 2272. Bursting with new energy and confidence, humanity explored the Viridia-Solaris and Leviathan Systems and colonized the new worlds of Ironglass, Vacillus, and Prime. This age was one of rapid technological growth coupled with the breakdown of central authority, and from it emerged the dominant schisms that would characterize human history right down to the present century.

The end of this era saw dramatic innovations in the field of fifth dimensional physics that led to the discovery of gravwells and their exploitation for quick transport between systems. The unified mankind that took to the stars at the beginning of this era was little more than a memory to the competing explorers and colonizers that would use grav-shunting technology to move humanity onto the galactic stage.