The Great Rebuilding (2160-2300)

As the waters of the Great Melting receded humanity launched an energetic and carefully planned terraformation project that turned flood-ruined Viridia into an arboreal paradise in little over a century. The clean energy, bioorganic, and terraformation technologies that were perfected at this time were to be indispensable once mankind took to the stars and applied them to the colonization of other worlds.

Politically, the scant and homogeneous survivors of the flood established a world government based on the Karian ideals of corporatism and universal rights, and it was at this time that the remnants of Karas’ old rival, the Empire of Myrhin, were incorporated into the world state. Amongst the Myrhin survivors was a community of brilliant engineers and physicists who were to form the nucleus of the new Viridian Aeronautics and Space Agency.