Strike on Kalakan (2789)

Kalakan is a marginal desert world in the Hrebeidine star cluster, located on the western spiral arm of Draconis Alba a short shunt away from the massive grav-well known as the Janus Anomaly. The colony was established in 2694 by the Junkers, but following the discovery of the anomaly in 2710, VASA issued a resolution annexing all colonies in the area. The Junkers remained to oversee the workforce of convict labourers stationed there, under the auspices of a planetary Factotum. The colony was essentially VASA owned however, and a garrison of suppressors was stationed there to protect their interests. It was no secret that the Junkers were unhappy with the arrangement, but to defy the resolution would be to court sanctions or potentially even punitive military action by VASA and the other Homeworld forces.

In 2776 a new Factotum came to Kalakan in the form of Gallus Nebrius Yg, and soon began to make waves by publishing opinion pieces on Sec-Net calling for independence from the Homeworlds and VASA, not only for Kalakan, but throughout Pan-Humanic space. This was of course nothing new in the annals of colonisation, and VASA acted by calling on the Ironglass Senate to pull their man back in line. Ironglass took a cool approach to this though, displaying none of their usual dictatorial rigour in dealing with Yg. The situation dragged on for over a decade, with Yg making increasingly inflammatory demands and stirring up anti-Protectorate sentiment. The response of the Senate during this time was to make a series of mealy-mouthed calls for calm, but they always stopped short of condemning Gallus Nebrius Yg and resisted assertions that he should be recalled to Ironglass and replaced with a more compliant Factotum.

At the end of 2788, Yg ordered Junker forces under his command to expel the Suppressors and all VASA personnel from Kalakan. He simultaneously broadcast an announcement over Sec-Net declaring himself the Iron Tzar of the Hrebedeine Systems, and called for other colonies to stage similar revolts and declare their independence. Whatever he thought he was going to achieve, he didn’t live long enough to see it through. Two months later a combined Tripartite Fleet shunted into the Hrebedeine cluster and attacked the small fleet he had amassed around Kalakan. Phase 2 of the assault involved a particularly bloody ground assault that lasted four months and saw the deaths of over a million Kalakan Convict Legionaries. In the final phase, Yg was discovered to be hiding out in a fortified bunker beneath his palace at the north pole of Kalakan. The region was bombed to atoms by an orbital barrage that cracked the planet’s crust, drawing howls of protest from across the galaxy for the subsequent devastation caused to the planet’s surface by the volcanic gas cloud unleashed. Future use of such doomsday attacks as the heavy orbital barrage would be banned.

In the aftermath of this affair, VASA rushed through an amendment to the Treaty of Vacillus that permitted a member faction to take unilateral action against any colony attempting to secede from its control. In a poorly worded sub-clause, designed primarily to prevent abuses of the main amendment by the likes of the Ironglass Senate, leave was given to other Homeworlds to act in the defence of colonies subject to unreasonable aggression by their ruling planets. Thus began the Age of Tyrants.