Draconis Alba Galaxy

Draconis Alba is a spiral galaxy approximately one hundred and ten thousand light years in diameter, and home to over three hundred billion stars. Utilising grav-shunting technology, mankind has spread to every arm of this vast firmament in a vast, galaxy spanning civilisation known as Pan-Humanic Space. However, limitations of grav-shunting tech mean there are voids within the galaxy that can only be explored with conventional drives. Such missions span hundreds or even thousands of years and involve a mix of cryo-stasis and generations of colonists whose only home is a starship.

Intelligent life began in the Viridia-Solaris-Leviathan binary system and spread out from there. So far in over a billion colonised worlds as of the year 2900, no other technology using species has been discovered that could challenge mankind's galactic dominance. What lies beyond Draconis Alba is the next great frontier, and as yet grav shunting technology cannot bridge the great gulfs of intergalactic space.