John Robertson

John Robertson

Creative Director & Concept Designer

Other projects:

Fantasy Forge, Kryomek, Grendel, Leviathan, Heartbreaker, Chronicles, Warzone, Dawn of War, Causalities of War, Beasts of War, Warzone 2nd Edition, Venus: Bauhaus Forces of War, Mars: Capitol Forces of War, Chronopia, Land of the Two Rivers, Sons of Kronos, Fallen Land, New Era Chronicles, Void, Battles with Miniatures, Celtos, Gael army book, Void 1.1 Gamebox, Urban War, Metropolis, CLAU Team Actions, Iskandria, Xyston miniatures, Smart Max, Warheads.

Favourite film:

Empire Strikes Back, maybe not the best film ever made but it had a huge impact on me growing up, skipped school 3 days on the trot to sneak into town to watch it!

Favourite book/graphic novel:

Michael Moorcock’s Hawkmoon series, again maybe not the best ever written but had a massive influence on me in my early teens. Graphic novel has to be Jodorowsky & Moebius' Incal, it's timeless

Favourite computer game:

Galaxian, I didn't know there were any other computer games

Miniature games you play:

DBM/DBA, Warzone, Flames of War, Piquet ACW & Ancients, Blitzkrieg Commander, Bolt Action, Polemos Napoleonic’s, Urban War

First miniatures you bought:

Plastic Airfix figures aside, Heroics and Ross WWII 1/300th scale M10s and Shermans, fantasy wise Citadel’s pre slotta Trolls, designed by the Perry’s, in Greek armour and helmets along with a bucket of Tom Meier’s orcs and goblins.

First game you bought:

I'm old school, War Games Rules 3000 B.C - 1250 A.D, 5th Edition, Wargames Research Group

AoT faction:

Junkers, they're just fabulously brutal, but in saying that I do like the VASA KV18 Ikon tank and the Triglav sonic artillery is way cool so I may collect both forces!

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