Mark Brendan

Mark Brendan

Writer & Game Designer

Other projects:

White Dwarf Magazine, Black Library, Chronicles Magazine, Chronopia, Warzone, Void 1.1, Celtos, Battles With Miniatures, Brian Lara International Cricket 2007, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, World in Conflict, F1 2010, Warheads: Medieval Tales, Utopia Kingdoms, Kings of the Realm, Son of Mars (novel)

Favourite film:

Apocalypse Now!

Favourite book/graphic novel:

Brian Aldiss's Helliconia Trilogy

Favourite computer game:

XCOM: Enemy Within

Miniature games you play:

Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Celtos, Void, Warzone 2nd Ed. and Chronopia

First miniatures you bought:

Mudat's Mercenary Maniacs. Half Orc Regiment of Renown

First game you bought:

Stormbringer (though I had D&D as an Xmas present before that)

AoT faction:


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