22-10-2015: Rolandsminireviews

Age of Tyrants Junkers and Viridians Part I

Roland Berberich has been an ardent follower of our Urban War game from its inception back in 2004 so it comes as no surprise that he was enthusiastic about our forthcoming Age of Tyrants. We sent him a few samples of models to let us know what he thought. Here’s what he said.

15-10-2015: FyD Forja y Desván TV

Age Of Tyrants: Un Paquete Inesperado

Here's the very first preview of production casts of our Junker Venator and Viridian Dire Wolf APC by our good friend Julio Pintado of FyD Forja y Desván TV. Be warned it is in Spanish BUT you can see the models in all their glory, worth a watch.