How to build your army

The standard army in Age of Tyrants is a company, which consists of four platoons and a captain. You can combine any four platoons, as long as they are within the points limit you and you opponent agree on before a battle (we work on the principle that as long as there's less than 10% difference in points value between the forces, the sides will be evenly matched). If you're unsure what platoons to take, we offer a range of set companies for each faction (one infantry company, one mixed, and one armoured per faction).

The points system is very simple, with bases costing 1,2 or 3 points depending on how effective it is in battle, so it's very simple to swap out custom platoons to suit different scenarios or opponents. We have plans to release a number of more specialist platoons for expansions, such as recon troops, CLAUs and fliers, so there will be many more custom options in future.

You'll note that there's a lot of choice in the type of companies you can build, so what are each of the factions best at in terms of play style?

Junkers tend to have platoon compositions and stats that favour them getting in close, particularly the infantry. They are well supported at range with more platoons featuring artillery than the other factions.

Viridians are all about mobility and they are mostly specced for mid-range firefights. Their platoons have more armoured transport options than other factions.

Syntha do well in mid to long range encounters. They don't particularly have a focus on a particular style of combat, but they are inexorable with their immunity to the psychological effects of suppression.

VASA are best at short to mid-range engagements, and they utilise tanks more than any other faction. Indeed their Ikon tanks can double up as troop transports with their infantry trained in desant protocols.

Once you're a confident player, you can start playing with bigger armies that contain more than one company.

Building Junker Company example